Welcome to Peltz Practice Management & Consulting

Whether you have a medical or dental practice, perform neurosurgery or see children in your office, you operate a business. You are responsible for payroll, supplies, staff evaluations and everything else a business requires to be successful. Add to that the challenges of navigating through an ever changing health care landscape and you have not one but two full time jobs. Running a successful medical or dental practice is very difficult.

In 1979 we began putting on Going into Practice Seminars for residents and fellows in the NY, NJ and CT training programs. Each year we would put a number of them into practice. Since then Peltz Practice Management & Consulting Services, LLC has been working with physicians and dentists to balance economic concerns and quality of life issues while working to create security and integrate the processes that make your practice work. Almost all practices have the same processes.

  • How the receptionist makes the appointments,
  • How the check in person asks for the demographic information and the outstanding balance,
  • How the assistants bring in and prep the patient,
  • Coordinating all the variables for a referral, surgery or the next appointment,
  • Collecting the co pays or deductibles,
  • Confirming eligibility and appointments,
  • Billing for services,
  • Working the A/R and all the other processes necessary,
  • How to write up a buy in or buy out,
  • How to develop and implement an exit strategy,
  • and more

In addition to the processes, you have to understand the benchmarks of your practice.

Which graph does your aged accounts receivable look like?


With our experience in primary care and all specialties, in negotiating with payers and hospitals, in merging, buying and selling practices, our services are designed to help you achieve your goals.