About Us

Peltz Practice Management & Consulting Services, LLC is a health care consulting service that provides on site work in the areas of:

  • Corrective actions for dysfunctional practices
  • Operational practice audits
  • Creation or modification of: Shareholders agreement, Employment agreement, Deferred compensation agreement, Buy in buy out agreement
  • Mergers
  • Special projects
  • Centers
  • Joint Ventures with hospitals

Steven Peltz, CHBC, the founder and managing partner began working with health care providers in 1979 by putting on Going into Practices seminars for residents and fellows in training programs in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. By 1995 he had a partner, other field consultants and was working with more than 20 practices in 7 states. The Company was purchased by a technology company. In 1998 he left with his clients and founded Peltz Practice Management.

Through our membership in the Society of Medical Dental Management Consultants, we are able to work with practices in any state.

We know that when "the suits" come into your office, your staff may feel threatened. We always convince them that we are an opportunity rather than a threat. From that time on your staff becomes an ally.

Some of the topics that Steven Peltz, CHBC has lectured on are:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • How to design Governance Documents
  • How to run an Efficient Office
  • A new doctor's employment contract