Governance Documents

For a fixed cost, we will work with you and if you want your advisors to create your shareholders or partnership agreements, employee contracts, deferred compensation (buy out) agreements, compensation formulas and others.


Bigger may be better. We examine the reasons to merge, evaluate the practices and present the positives and negatives to the owners. If the decision is to merge, we work with you to create the governance documents and integrate the staff and operations.

Pratice Operations AuditĀ 

For the practice that does not run efficiently or profitably, but whose owners know it should. We interview all staff, document the paper and patient flow processes, produce the report and implement corrective action.

Special Projects

Does it make sense to expand and offer more services? Do you and your colleagues want to open a "Center"? We have experience in creating neurovascular, foot and ankle, heart and vascular and other single and multidisiplinary centers.