Special Projects

Navigating the development and management of strategic medical initiatives is a complex process, with a myriad of pitfalls. For an initiative to have the greatest likelihood of success it must be well thought out, planned and executed. It must also "Do No Harm" to the core medical practice, an often, overlooked consequence, which can have significant ramifications.

The Peltz Practice Management team has decades of experience in project development, with an impressive list of successful projects. Regardless of the scale of a project the approach PPM applies is the same.

Step 1: Listen and Evaluate 

The first and most important step is listening to you, so that we can understand your current situation and your goals for the future. We then assess your market and the competitive environment in which your practice operates. An analysis of your existing service offerings is performed, including volume, demographics and market share.

Step 2: Development of a Strategic Plan 

The next step in the process is to develop an overall strategic plan. This plan incorporates a variety of initatives, addressing growth strategies in existing service lines and markets as well as new programs. The resulting Strategic Plan provides a mechanism to view the entire portfolio of opportunities so that informed decisions can be made and a growth strategy developed.

Step 3: Business Planning 

Once a strategic direction is established the financial implications, including a risk-reward assessment is calculated. A comprehensive business plan is created and serves as the general roadmap for the project.

Step 4: Tactical Plan 

When a final Business Plan is agreed upon it is used as a springboard for the often neglected, Tactical Plan. A common mistake of project managers is to proceed with a project, utilizing the Business, which is analogous to building a house from a floor plan without using blueprints. The Tactical Plan memorializes, step by step, the detailed actions and timing, required to develop a project from start to finish.

Step 5: Operation and Integration 

Upon successful project completion the new service(s) are made fully functional and integrated into the current practice operation. This is prehaps the most difficult and painful part of the process. Heretofore the project has had little impact on physicians, staff and finances.

Project Experience 

PPM has extensive experience in developing projects, from concept to operations. Projects performed for a variety of medical disciplines include:

  • Primary Care: Development of growth and merger strategies, Introduction of medical imaging services, Introduction of laboratory services
  • Multi-speciality: Introduction of new specialities, Endoscopy, Radiological services, Laboratory services
  • Women's Health: Preventive screening, Reproductive health centric programs, Primary care centric programs, Imaging services, Cardiovascular
  • Cardiac and Vascular Disease Management: Core cardiac growth strategies, Cardiac Surgery integration, Peripheral disease management, Carotid stenting, Non-Invasive vascular laboratory, CHF Management, Cardiac and Vascular MRI, Ultrafast Heart Scanning, Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Neurovascular Disease Management: Minimally invasive programs, Development of multidisciplinary neuroscience programs
  • Radiological Services: Comprehensive imaging center, design and development, Equipment selection and negotiation, PACS and RIS design and implementation
  • Preventive Health: Screening programs, Community outreach, Full-Body Scanning
  • Complimentary and Alternative Medicine: Chiropractic, Holistic, Nutrition, Massage, Spa, Comprehensive centers